Edition 2 Issue #4


Last week we faced “EGO-MIND”, and how to quiet the incessant chattering of the mind and achieve self-awareness and peace of mind.  The process may be slow, may be challenging; and needs self-discipline. 


This week we will take a closer look at “AWARENESS” (last week’s post on “AWARENESS” is available, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all our blog posts delivered directly to your inbox) and how becoming aware, becoming also self-aware, will have a lasting impact on our lives and the lives of those who surround us, who affect our everyday lives.  These are the first people will notice the change, the fulfilment or you development will reflect in the relationships we maintain.


The more effort, or discipline you put into your practice, the more peace and serenity you will achieve. This means you must, at all costs, maintain your discipline; maintain your practice at the level you chose.  When you feel the benefits and you chose to increase your level of attention and effort, you will feel a shift, some challenging feelings and sensitivity will arise; this may be difficult at first because the Spirit entity within, or the Soul, is sensitive, the good you do will reflect positively in your surroundings, and the errors you notice you become more sensitive to environmental conditions, your Soul will be interacting more with your physical being, and the outer world, and you will feel the process throughout the detailed sensitivity, (read our newsletter on "SENSITIVITY" in April of 2015, sign up now to be sure to get our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox) do not let this hyper-sensitivity discourage you, there is nothing wrong with this.  The sensitivity is difficult to deal with only at first, and only because it is unfamiliar territory for most of us, meditate on it and ask for clarity, read Rumi, and Pema Chaudron, and other highly developed Spiritual writers and this process will became more clear to you, and the seeming suffering will turn into Joy, your Sensitivity will turn into a heightened awareness of your surroundings.  Neither let the errors hinder your development, sin is a fabrication of religion, you cannot sin; you can only err, to err is human, (more on “ERROR” in April 2015, sign up now to our newsletter and you will be sure to get all blog posts directly to your inbox)





Let us look at “AWARENESS” and allow the flow of the Universal Mind to permeate through us.  If we look closely at the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:


“Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which flows into your life. Then, without effort, you are impelled to truth and to perfect contentment.”   


When we carefully consider this statement, we have to take away from this the power of the Universe is with us, and within us, at all times and we only have to direct our thoughts carefully to raise our consciousness to the level where we are in awareness and therefore self-awareness comes naturally (look for a future blog post on “SELF-AWARENESS” in April 2015 sign up now to our newsletter and be sure to receive blog post directly to your inbox) and when we elevate our consciousness we are more able to not only be of service to the greater good, we will be in a place to affect change in the world.  Through being Present, through being mindful and purpose driven we will affect change without even being aware of this.  Our friends and family will recognize the change in us, will recognize the softening of our Spirit and openness we project through being aware, self-aware and Love will flow (see our blog post on “LOVE” end of March 2015 subscribe to our newsletter to get it delivered directly to your inbox).  We will elaborate more on this in future newsletters, but be assured we are not talking about sex; some of us confuse Love with sexual expression, or need to be intimate with another being, this is not the case.  Love and Universal Love of other fellow human Beings will come naturally, for some of us who may have lost the self-love, the self-awareness allowing us to Love ourselves completely; we must regain Love for oneself and a level of self-awareness before we can truly Love another Being.  


SOUL DEVELOPMENT                                                                            


So to sum up the above, we must maintain the meditation and personal, and soul, development described in the previous week’s post (last week’s post on “AWARENESS” is available click here, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all our blog posts delivered directly to your inbox).  Through this practice we will develop our inner being, our sensitivity will grow, we will grow in awareness and develop self-awareness; and we will be of better service to our family, friends; and ultimately benefit the world consciousness.  Let this be your goal, or chose a goal specific to you needs and your family situation, and don't be afraid to change this as your circumstances change, and elevate your goals as your consciousness and connection to Universal Mind increases.  The purpose of our journey here in physical manifestation is to allow the Divine Spirit of the Universe to unfold: be an active part in this!


Look for next week’s edition on “RESENTMENT”.  And be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly you won't miss a beat.