November 26, 2014

EDITION 1 Issue #6


THANKSGIVING: What a sweet and wonderful word, reminds me, and I can smell it; turkey and pumpkin pie and all the kitchen odours and sounds go along with such a busy and crowded celebration of the most wonderful day of the year THANKSGIVING!  Aunty Linda with the excessive perfume, she just reeked! But what a nice woman she was, always full of surprises and gifts and crafts and tirelessly moving about the whole house helping with the meals, getting the men drinks, I think she was flirting with all my uncles and my daddy.  She would cook, serve, clean, and stay till everything and everyone was pretty much passed out from overeating, and overdrinking, overplaying and then I think she had to drive home because uncle was drunk…  Sometimes having to navigate snowstorms on the eastern seaboard where we lived.  Each and every one in a festive mood, happy, playful participatory and engaging; and uncle Gerry with the stories of how he grew up in Trinidad as a British subject and as he would have more drinks, and slip into further reverie he would come out with the Trinidadian accent, and when I would close my eyes for a moment the image in my head was of a crowd of dark coloured men, and not a white uncle of British lineage.  I will never forget the images I would conjure, and how far they are from reality, how my young imagination could steer me.  Those days are over.  But the celebration of Thanksgiving lives on.  

THANKSGIVING is one of the greatest metaphysical powers in the Universe.  The power of healing is within a Thank You!  The power of reconciliation is within a Thank You!  The power of Love is within a Thank You!  Such great metaphysical power in 2 simple words!  Why do we only celebrate Thanksgiving once a year?  In our household it is a daily celebration of Life on Earth, and the Thankfulness and Gratitude we express in our daily lives.  Expressing Thanksgiving daily to the Divine Creator of the Universe, or Source of ALL there is!



Well some of us celebrate Thanksgiving more often.  Take for an example a great show I like to watch on the television A&E Network called Duck Dynasty: What a wonderful expression of Thanksgiving on a daily basis.  A bunch of rednecks, I can relate to, who have built up a huge brand, and following, from a simple duck call, and the redneck lifestyle.  What sets them apart, the thing I notice the most call out to me?  The fact that at each and every meal, at the end of each and every episode, at the end of the day they have a communal meal where the patriarch of the family says Thanksgiving prayer through Jesus!  Each and every episode they ALL bow their heads in Thanksgiving.  Not just once a year at “Black Friday” being thankful to spend money the following day, lining up all hung over and shit!  But each and every day they express their thanks to the Divine Creator of the Universe through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

The power of this is immense.  Beyond our understanding and they profess their Thanks each day; and I love them for it!  To me this is what sets them apart from the rest; their Love of life, and of Creation and Love of Jesus enough to properly credit the Grace of GOD, as we know Him, every day of the year.  They don’t wait until Thanksgiving Day to profess their gratitude and Love for Jesus, and the Creation.



Why do we celebrate only one day of the year the Gifts and Love our Creator offers us daily, in every instant of every day?  And when we feel separation (more on “SEPARATION” in February 2015), when we feel separation from the Divine Creator and forget where and whence we came from, just drive over, or walk over to the nearest hospital and look at the Miracle of newborn, the innocence, The Spirit of Oneness within the gaze of a newborn.  When Jesus spoke of returning to the innocence of infancy, the playfulness and fearlessness that is LOVE of Creation, the Gifts within this innocence and fearlessness. The Gift of not having yet been subject to limitation, the limitation brought to us from family of origin, or original sin.  The fallacies we make up, and believe make us live in fear rather than living in unconditional Love which is our natural Spiritual setting.  As we are instructed and trained as we live on this earth we are separated from this original gift of Soul communion with the Creator, with the innocence and Oneness and we are conditioned to fear and loath and separate.  In separation we become lonely and fearful, not our Soul condition, but separation from this Oneness (more on “ONENESS” in a March, 2015 issue).    Why do we not come to the realization our thought pattern is flawed by ego-mind telling us there is pain, suffering, and something to repent about.  If we go on the Truth, the premise there is no such thing as sin; there couldn’t be such a thing because GOD is not evil. Evil originates in our conception, in our ego-selves creating a need to suffer and repent.  There being only the religions teaching of original sin, of sin and of suffering.  This having been created to assimilate the masses, and far from the original version of Jesus’ teachings, (Here Jesus is referred to as The Great Teacher, and not the religious icon propagated by Christian Religions, not that there is anything wrong with believing in some, or most of Christian and/or Catholic Religions) which teaches us to Love (see our February 2015 blog on “LOVE”. Yup right in time for Valentines’) our neighbour and treat others as we would like to be treated.   Let us not forget the good propagated though these Religions, and put aside the fallacies and errors derived through years and years of translations errors, and re-writing and adding hearsay: The error of sin. 


Correct usage of THANKING


Let us look at the metaphysical strength of Thank You, of Thanking our friends, fellows, even our enemies, (yes I did say enemies!  As we forgive, through Thanksgiving, we grow and release negative vibrations) for the defects we uncover (usually the defects we blame others for, are embedded deeply in us, and we uncover these when we perceive them in others, look carefully at yourself when you get angry, it will surprise you) when we get angry.   When we look at things in an attitude of Gratitude (look for our issue on “GRATITUDE” in March 2015) having an attitude, and a thought pattern geared in being grateful for all lessons in live, good and bad, will allow us to ever remain thankful for the gifts we receive from this “Universal Mind”, or Great Creator as the North American Aboriginal peoples call it (or Him, or Her, as you see fit).   My wife kindly pointed out to me: “If God is Creator, and gave Birth to our great Universe and Humanity, how can you all call it “Him” when only woman can Birth someone, or in this case something?” Therefore Creator would necessarily be “HER” as opposed to “HIM” (More on the Creation aspects, and the Him vs Her (HE vs She as C. G. Yung explains) argument in another edition).

“The grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience.  And that is what makes all the difference.”      Thomas Merton



But at the end of the day, whatever was an issue is past.  (See our issue on “LETTING GO” in January 2015)  When we look upon the past as exactly what it is: Past, we can more easily move on in a lighthearted way knowing we don’t have to hold onto our baggage as Paramahansa Yoganada kindly informed us:

 "You are walking on the earth as in a dream. Our world is a dream within a dream; you must realize that to find God is the only goal, the only purpose, for which you are here. For Him alone you exist. Him you must find."  –  The Divine Romance

If yesterday and all actions and happenings past are a dream, we need not hold them close to our heart, but allow them to evaporate as we awaken.  Therefore letting go of past assumptions, of our baggage and whatnot, is of major importance to our fulfillment of the life journey back to GOD, or Divine Creator, as you chose.

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