Edition #1 Issue #12


New Years; in preparation to ringing in the New Year 2015, and a very special year it, I bring you writing on Faith. Yes Faith! And you may ask what is Faith? Faith is the seed of the Divine Spirit within your Soul seeking to reach Divine Love and manifest. In Prayer and Meditation we invite the Spirit within us to grow; this is Faith! It is knowledge there is a substance permeating within, and throughout all things, has dominion over all and yet no physical substance to be measurable and quantifiable. A substance of pure energy, which is both omnipresent and omnipotent; it is knowing miracles are real and happen continually, most small, yet some of tremendous importance to humankind. It is knowing and feeling the Presence. The more effort we make in meditation, the stronger the feeling of the Presence. 

Faith is needed in every aspect of life and especially in these transitory times of Global Awakening where we need to be strong in our Faith and know GOD crystalizes through our hearts, the GOD seed is in a place so miraculous, right here in your heart, and as you accept the Grace of GOD, and through Faith develop this GOD seed within you and we all become stronger in Faith, stronger in our unity and common consciousness developing intuitive ties with each other and developing the faculty of telepathy. On telepathy, we may not be close enough in our lifetimes, but I do believe the human race is developing these faculties and in future generations will be actually be able to communicate silently among our race.




Faith, as an alternative to fear, is the Divine Gift within us as and we know the opposite of fear is Love; Divine Love is a blessing and the only real emotion.  GOD is Love and the only real substance here.  We will discuss this more in months to come; we will get a better understanding of what is image and illusion. For now let us concentrate on Faith and how we need to have an alternative to fear in Faith until we can truly replace fear with Love, GOD Love: The only true emotion.  Until we can completely grasp this Divine Principle of Love we need to assume Faith in all aspects of our lives, to replace self-will with God’s will for us and the power to carry it out by stating:

God - Direct me in my thinking
        - Show me your will for me
                  - Give me the Power to carry it out

Having expressed our desire to follow His (or Her, as my wife kindly pointed out to me one day: If God gave birth to this World, and only women can birth something from the womb, then naturally GOD must be woman! Go figure, so much for the religious icon of a paternal GOD) rather than self-will and the destructive forces attached to the inconsistent and harmful voices of ego-mind, we find, in Prayer and Meditation the inner voice guiding us to Grace, The Grace of GOD being available right here for us at all times, when we finally accept this Grace, this Gift from the Universal Source as ours, as our inheritance rather than something we have to deserve, or have to make oaths of poverty and commitment to religious icons of past. We need to accept, and completely concede this Grace of GOD is ours to take without any condition whatsoever. Once we accept this Gift from the Divine Substance Permeates through all things, we discover we are not alone, we will never feel lonely again. We will never feel desperation once we completely give ourselves to this process and act in total Faith. Faith the Universe only wants the best for us, Faith that GOD is Love and we are Loved at all times through all challenges and difficulties, no matter what we have done or what has been done to us. When we forgive ourselves and seek forgiveness from all those we may have harmed, we are released. (On FOREGIVENESS see blog archives (click here) October 29, 2014) Once release happens, the gates to freedom open and we remain in the Grace of GOD for the rest of life, our soul is released and only good can be produced from this. Good only can produce good! There is no other release in our soul development than to achieve this release through Faith. May you live in this peace NOW!


Stay with us for more on the Faith and Love will release us, will guarantee us to never, ever feel lonely again. To forever live in a place of complete release from the grips of pain and self-loathing, self-seeking and self-absorption the ego-mind keeps us trapped in until such time as we accept the Grace of GOD in total unconditional Faith in His Love.


Happy New Year! To you, all our friends, especially all our new friends, and all readers who, hopefully, will become friends through a Spiritual Solution. I sincerely hope I can effect change in your lives, and in the world in 2015 and in years to come through this new entity that is BEYOND THE 12th STEP.  So very excited, grateful and blessed to commence these writings and to reach so many people. Our community is growing, is building throughout the world thanks to you, our readers and your sharing our blog with your friends and your circles. We really appreciate you sharing the writings with others when you find something worthwhile in the readings. Also we encourage you to comment and to connect with us directly with the email at the bottom of the page should you have questions, or would like to contribute to our page. Eventually, with reader contributions and engagement, we will publish daily, and some of those could be your writings and contributions.


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