Edition #2 Issue #1



Hello all: A brand New Year and all the best, let’s make it the greatest success in our lives so far, moving forward to a bigger and better today!


Let’s create a bigger and better today by remaining in the moment, and living in today.  This doesn’t mean not to make goals, goals are very important and we will look at these closer in future blog posts. It is so important to live today, just for today, and leave the past behind. We need to look closely at the past to let it go. We need to meditate and to look at the pain and suffering we create; the pain we have lived through, the pain we cause others. And until we can come to terms with the behaviors and the cause of the pain, we will continue to look at life the same way. Remember what the great savant Albert Einstein said: “We cannot fix the problem with the same mindset which created it!” Or something to this effect; I hear this often in the rooms. What does it really mean? 


It really means the baggage we are carrying, the way we look at the world, the ideas we have, are all based on our past experiences and until we learn to ‘LET GO’  we will continue to behave, act out, think others have something against us, are conspiring….etc. No one understands the pain I feel.  Until we can let go absolutely, letting go of the thought pattern which is killing us, we will continue to think and act as we always have.  As my dear late friend Scotty Swan used to say; “If there is no change, there is no change!” And then in this case things remain static and we repeat the same over and over and over… You get the point. This is all about change.




Today we are all looking at our New Year’s resolutions. Have we included cleaning house?  And I don’t mean cleaning your rooms, apartments, homes and mansions, whichever the case may be: I mean taking a complete and fearless moral inventory and looking at the things in the past cause me to think the way I do.  The way I think is a great cause of all the pain and suffering I cause myself, and I cause to others, especially the ones I love I continue to do hurtful things, re-act and act the way I do because of the set beliefs I hold onto. Today is the start of a new day, a day when I can, and will, change the way I think, the way I look at others, the way I look at life!

Today I want to discuss with you one of the most important resolutions you can embark upon and its LIFE CHANGING in we will look at LETTING GO of our past experiences, letting go of the way we look at life.  We need to understand we are different from everyone else in the way we think.  Yes I said we are all One, and we are, but our experiences cause us to re-create the patterns of thinking and behavior of our forefathers, our parents, our fellow gang members, our friends and acquaintances, our role models and our surroundings.




We need to take a huge step back and re-focus. Look at the world around you as a brand new place; drop all past ideas and ideals and look with a brand new perspective, a new pair of glasses if you will. Look at things as if you were a child and you look at everything and see it a new. You can use a mantra if you will, such as; “this thing, emotion, object, feeling, is new, I do not associate it with anything in my past, yesterday’s gone, there is nothing I can do about yesterday yet I can look at this thing in a new perspective. Imagine I am you,(or use GOD, if you want; as in “What would GOD do?”), how would you look at this thing, feeling, emotion, action….”


When I properly practicing this detachment from all past experiences, I can look at life as new, as different from what I have always done.  Different perspective allow for different outcomes. When I test this way, what happens?  Are the people around me reacting differently to me? Are they being more accepting? Are people close to me looking at me funny, and then smiling as they turn their respective heads and wonder what happened?


These are some the reactions and actions I observed when I completely let go of the things I thought I felt, I let go of the hurt and pain I was carrying so proudly as the big chip on my shoulder: “You don’t know where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what’s been done to me… You don’t know!” And so I carried this chip on my shoulder until I did the housecleaning and inner work needed. Talk to a doctor, counsellor, or go to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, of Narcotics Anonymous or another Anonymous group you may find in your directory. Alternately contact these people at Hazelden/Betty Ford(click) and ask for a consultation.  There are so many resources; we need not suffer any more. There is hope for us now, this very moment, this very instant. Pick up the phone and come forth and get the help you need.



Now I will offer a free Meditation on this “LETTING GO” topic will be posted on our website on the home page in the next few days.  This will be a Guided Meditation on LETTING GO, so that you can all practice and feel the release of being able to completely let go of the things are making us suffer, from our past, mostly and subject to out conception of the future. Live for today, for the Moment, in the NOW!

Watch for it soon, a guided mediation on our home page free for 12 weeks, a 19.99 value free for 12 weeks for you from me!




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