Edition 2 Issue #6


 “What's LOVE got to do, got to do with it?”…  famous lyrics from the great Whitney Houston. What a lovely woman she was.  And let us not forget the Beatles’ John Lennon telling us “All you need is LOVE!”… and so many more Love songs, too many to list here, some actually telling us GOD is LOVE!


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There is so much more to life when we look at everything with the eyes of Love and empathy (look for our newsletter on “EMPATHY” in May, 2015; be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly to your inbox) Love being the second sense, the sense which will allow us to overcome all fear when we allow ourselves to be embraced by it.  Be embraced by the Love and the Light today; allow it to become you, to fill you up now.  When I do go to a Church, and I do this fairly often to listen and learn, I often hear, from all Denominations, where we are asked to “Lift up your Hearts”; this is actually asking you, or the parishioners whichever the case may be, to elevate your consciousness, let us elevate our consciousness Now by embracing the second sense; LOVE, do it NOW!




And so if GOD is LOVE, were do I get the idea that GOD is punishing, where did religion err in teaching us about the all-powerful, punishing deity on the throne who will send us to hell if we don’t obey and when we sin we will perish in hell and so on and so forth the misinformation and the lies.  This is not the GOD of my understanding, not the loving GOD the great teacher Jesus was leading us to.          The perversion and misleading of religions throughout history are for a reason, the masses needed to be tamed, or controlled.  All history has its purpose and its reasons.  I am not here to discuss these or to make any argument for, or against, organized religion.


The religions aren’t bad; they may have gotten the message a little confused as we progressed through the ages.  There is so much good in religions, mixed up in some bad, and misinformation, as to the true character of GOD, or the true Source of all there is can be easily overcome through Prayer and Meditation as this allows us to tap into the Source of All there is, or Universal Mind, informational part of Source sometimes referred to as the Akashic Records (I first hear of this Library many years ago studying EDGAR CAYCE), or the Great Library.  We all have access to this when we slow down our thinking process and meditate (we will soon have more on Meditation, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly to your inbox, and to benefit from members only discounts on Beyond the 12th® merchandise).




I will talk about Love, and being “in Love” and the differences. As being “in Love” is usually a temporary state, even if it leads to marriage and long-term relationships, the part where we are “in Love” is usually brief.  Some refer this “in Love” time as the honeymoon. This is like a ‘high’ and I have personal experience as to it’s temporary condition; I have been in Love on many occasions, and then cut all ties, as the lifestyle I once lived did not allow me to hold onto the things important to most beings.  I lived a selfish, self-centered life where anyone or anything that got in the way of my lifestyle (gang lifestyle and substance abuse) I would immediately shun.  I pushed away anyone and everyone who showed any true love for me, and later found out it was principally because I had ceased to love myself… (more on my story in my upcoming book, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive my blog directly to your inbox, and soon to come, discounts on books, CD’s and other merchandise)

 Photo courtesy Eric L.                          ® copyright  2015   All rights reserved

Photo courtesy Eric L.                         ® copyright  2015  All rights reserved




Now how do we love others fully without the “in-Love” bit?  How do we differentiate being “in-Love” (the temporary condition, or ‘high’) with real Love for oneself and others (a permanent condition cultivated through right thinking and action)?  And especially how do we separate Love from sex?  Or for that matter how do we move from being “in-Love” in a sexual relationship and transferring the feelings to complete Love for one another, without losing the associated with being “in-Love”?  This is the key to long lasting relationships.  Traversing the boundaries from “in-Love” to Love and expressing Loving Kindness, not only in close intimate relationships, but throughout the world.


This condition of Love, being the second sense, is attained through right thinking, through Empathy and care and concern for others.  But the first part of the condition is self-love.  I cannot manifest something I do not first hold.  Therefore I need to forgive myself for all the harm and hurt of the past (see our past post on “FORGIVENESS” October 29, 2014 issue; be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly to your inbox) before I can completely Love myself.  This is the first step to this process and a beautiful awareness flows over us when we attain this. 


Look to move towards the Light, to live in Love and Kindness or Loving-Kindness, to accept and share this tenderness with your fellows, with everyone.  The rewards are amazing.




Expressing and manifesting Loving Kindness is only possible when we fully Love ourselves first.  Place yourself in this state of looking at the beauty of the world as it is; with its flaws and its imperfections and seeing all these as part and parcel of the beauty of it all.  And by no means am I perfect at this, I do slow myself down enough to be able to stand back from challenges, and especially when confronted with challenging people and/or situations and look at the good in everything, look at the positive side of every experience and accept the lessons in patience, in tolerance.  In Loving Kindness all lessons lead to seeing the beauty of it all, the complexity of life and how we are somewhat different from others, yet so very alike in Oneness.


Expressing Loving Kindness in the world is exactly this, looking on the bright side, slowing down the reactive and finding light where there seems to be darkness.  This is my goal, sometimes I am better at it then at other times, I know progress, not perfection in my efforts.


Everyone being fallible and accepting the imperfections of others, the world and especially myself, I can stand back in all situations and say: Where is the good in this?

What is my part in the difficulty, or challenge? What can I do, from a place of Loving Kindness, to remedy this situation, to react and restore with empathy the difficulties, which have arisen?


This is true Love, for myself, my fellow mankind expressed through action.




“All you need is LOVE!”… It’s All you really need!



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