Edition 2 Issue #7


What is true “SHARING”? And how is this important in my life? These questions and more will be answered in this week’s newsletter.  Sharing is one of the most important aspects of clearing out the past burdens, and errors we hold onto for dear life.  In past blogs I wrote about how we hold on to things, which are damaging to us and our relationships with others, we need to commence our clearing out process, release from whatever is holding us back and preventing us from moving forward in our Spiritual development.


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We need to properly let go of past ideas which hamper our development and create dis-ease, (Read our past blog LETTING GOin our January 7, 2015 newsletter.  ( click on subscribe to be sure to receive all our writing directly to your inbox)  let go of the things which are holding us back from development.  We need to sit quietly in meditation and scan our thoughts, our past difficulties, and release through forgiveness, inner work, and letting go of past ideas and views thrust upon us when we were young, possibly things our parents have brought down from generation to generation as sacred beliefs which in fact are damaging, counter-productive and negative values in themselves.  Pain from the astral body, or pain from family of origin. For some of use it would be physical abuse, for others sexual abuse and yet for others mental and emotional abuse or all or a combination of these, and we carry this pain then repeat the process throughout our lifetime.




To completely let go of our past we need a combination of forgiving (Read our past blog FORGIVINGpublished   October 29, 2014 in our newsletter.  (subscribe to be sure you receive all our writing directly to your inbox) all who have hurt us, forgiving ourselves for the things we feel we have caused, and releasing and letting go. One of the hardest parts is just this, forgiving ourselves: think and scan deeply within and ask the question.  What is it I blame myself for when I was a child that I had no control over, where am I holding onto things which are eating away at my inner self, eating away at my self-esteem and holding me back without my being aware?  Completely letting go of these past errors is where we need to be right here, right now! 





The Christian religions have a Ceremony of Reconciliation, or ‘Confession’ where we tell the Priest our ‘sins’ (I will blog on sin later this year, as I believe there is an discrepancy in translation, and we are human, to err is human though we cannot truly sin by nature).  This is a form of ritual letting go as the Universe understands ritual and symbolic.  In Alcoholics Anonymous and all other 12 step programs there is a 5th step where we are asked to share our defects of character with ourselves, GOD, and another human being.  This too is a ritual type of release.  All throughout history there are demonstrated ways of releasing past trauma and harm, whether to self or other, to erase the deeds of the past to be able to properly move forward.




Once we have released yesterday:  “Yesterday’s gone; there is nothing I can go about yesterday.”  (Quote form the late Scott Swan, may he rest in peace.)  Yet I can do something today to heal the past and be released from the torment and pain.  When I sit quietly in Prayer, I scan closely my inner self for the answers, waiting in calmness through Meditation the answers will come of what exactly I am holding in this inside. Let the pain of the past fall away, write down everything coming into your mind as you sit quietly asking for guidance.  The answers will come to you, recollections you hadn't thought of in ages, recalling thoughts and ideas placed in your mind you did not understand.  Now is the time to release and let go.  Do this as a ritual, a ceremony if you will.  Write everything comes to your mind on a piece of paper.  Then say the words: “This thoughts and ides are not real, they have been falsely shown to me by damaged or errors of past lives and I release these to the Universe!” Now light the paper in a fireplace, over the toilet or in your back yard.  Be careful when you burn a piece of paper that you are doing this in a safe way, do not set your surroundings on fire, do this ritualistic ceremony for release.  Then share this with a close friend, mentor or sponsor, the Universe, or GOD as you understand Him.  Or if you are a Church member you can go to confession and complete the ceremony there. Spiritual writers and speakers tell us to live in the Present moment.  We cannot live in the present when we hold onto baggage from the past. Release NOW! Release and let go of all which is standing in the way or your usefulness to the Universe. Let go of the suffering and pain of yesterday which is standing in the way of the Sunlight of the Spirit.  

This is SHARING for release, complete release and healing.  Fell the freedom and the ease of your next breath.  Feel the weight of the world removed from your shoulders as you accept a new lease on life through sharing, and letting go!  Take the deepest breath you have ever taken and feel the pleasure of having died another day.  How have a new lease on life today, in this very moment, this very day!  You have heard the words, "I have been reborn!"  Now you have personal experience of what this actually means as you are reborn, renewed right here on earth to restart and accomplish anything you want. You are now in the driver's seat to create your own life.

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