Edition 2 Issue #12



Why I must give up the things, and thinking, which has lead me, in my past, to destructive thinking and destructive behavior.  In the book Alcoholics Anonymous, there is a passage we read, where the alcoholic (replace this word with the ‘wrong thinker’ or ‘misinformed person’) is in the grips of “pitiful incomprehensible demoralization”: What exactly this feels like is known to most who will read these pages.  To get out of these feelings we must approach life from a different perspective, As Einstein told us so simply, you can’t change a problem with the same mind-set, or thinking, created it!




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So what this means for us is we have to change our ‘default’ settings and re-create the life we truly desire. Simple!  Let us look at how: Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” tells us how organizations have created exceptional growth to become the best.  He also, in the “level 5 leadership” model speaks of the great leaders, behind the huge successes he researched, as being humble.  The crux of the 12 Step work is to discover, and to live by, principle of Universal Law, which rule over all of mankind and all there is.  These Great Laws are as constant as gravity and as powerful and mysterious as electricity. And to achieve this transformation to abiding by the principle by which the Laws of the Universe will allow us to manifest everything we need to release and let go.  To become the humble intuitive person, which achieves greatness:  We need to SURRENDER. Become humble and accept humility as a part of the constant, which will determine our successful future.  Maybe not necessarily to the extent of these great leaders Jim Collins spoke of, but surely we can improve our lives when we live and accept a humble mindset.


The dictionary definitions of surrender include: going over to the winning side.  I personally prefer this to my idea, which was, like, I become slave to whatever I would surrender to.  This is not necessary, and in this case would be an untruth.  So as I grow I can change my perception of things.  I use a dictionary a lot and look for the meaning the authors actually mean when I read texts now, rather than what my mind will automatically gravitate to. Because I need to change my thinking from the Einstein’s quote above that I cannot fix the problem with the same thinking…. Accept humility as a constant.




In surrender lies the great secret to an amazing life: Self-Acceptance. (Read on “Self-Acceptance” in our May 20, 2015 edition of the weekly blog. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly to your inbox.)  So in acceptance when we move over to the winning side, we stop beating ourselves up.  We stop hanging on for dear life to the things were killing us.  We take a proper personal inventory.  Discovering our shortcomings, and write the defects of character we wish to release to the Universe and the ones we need to replace them with.  Remembering that when you release something, a pain, a behavior, a character defect, the Laws of the Universe will see a void here.  When there is a void, if you do not write down and proclaim to the ‘Source’ a thing to fill this void, it will be filled for you with the nearest and closest thing to the thinking pattern, according to the Laws of Attraction, that we have at the time we want to remove this hurtful or harmful thought, behavior or habit.





In the above paragraph I refer to the “Law of Attraction”.  This is a very powerful Law of the Universe which is as constant as the air we breath, as certain to manifest as gravity, and as fantastic an energy as electricity.  I, for one, do not understand how electricity works; yet I know it heats my house, cooks my food, and can kill me when I touch a high enough voltage power source. It is beneficial if used correctly and super dangerous if I am not aware of the dangers.  Guess what? Same with the “Law of Attraction”! (Read more about “Law of Attraction” later on this year, 2015, in an edition of the weekly blog. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly to your inbox.)  And make no mistake! This is a Law of the Universe, as sure as you will go straight to the ground should you chose to jump of the Empire State building.


So if this “Law of Attraction” is so beneficial and so powerful why wasn't I properly instructed of this when I was a child?  Just like mommy told me not to put me hand on the stove, this would harm me, this is dangerous, then why am I not schooled in this? Is it new? Is it a great mystery?

Well I need to figure this out; I think it was kept a secret from the masses for the longest time.  I know Napoleon Hill spoke of it in his book “The Law of Success”.  I know many leaders, especially spiritual leaders and sages from times past, have all written about this amazing ‘Law’ as far back as Plato, and beyond.  Then why are we not schooled in it?  Why is it not part of our curriculum?  I this because the wealthy believe there is not enough for everyone to go around.  But this is a fallacy, this is an untruth and there is plenty of abundance and riches for all.  The mega rich want to keep this ‘secret’ from us. But now it’s out.  Take you stand now! Instruct yourself on this then instruct you children, and your neighbours children, let the word get out.  It’s all about LOVE!  When we clean house, we can be full of Self-Love, this will open the door to greatness.  We need to become like little children and love ourselves and thence be able to love one-another.  




It is in Self-Love I will be able to project loving kindness in the world.  Through the eyes of an infant, in wonderment and Love that I will be able to manifest the Higher Self the Universe will understand as a FREE SOUL.  It is through this understanding people like Mother Teresa of Calcutta was able to be so compassionate and love those who are the most unlovable.  I am not suggesting you need to be like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, she is an exception, I am saying she properly understood the Laws of Attraction such that she would not go to an anti war rally, she would however be open to a walk for Peace.  Such subtle change in the wording makes us understand how this Law of Attraction works.  If I use negative words, recreate the condition I most think of. negative thought patterns, and dangerous thinking, I will attract negative and dangerous energy.  If I am careful and attentive to my thought energy and express love and compassion in every aspect of my life, I will project loving-kindness through the world.



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