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It’s springtime on my side of the planet. How the blossoms will soon turn to flower.  The little buds on the tips of the tree branches remind us of the Divine Power of the Universe, which, even after an extremely difficult and long winter, there is life again in these marvelous flora…  How Central Park will soon be filled with flowers, and trees will return to full bloom, not the sticks that look dead all the winter long.  How the parks will fill with joggers, and children playing and their songs of laughter and screams intermingled with the song of birds and other creatures who return after this cold, dry, infertile winter we have experienced.  How can this not demonstrate for us the Power of something which permeates throughout everything, a Power which is Divine, and Omnipotent, and its energy flows through everything everywhere all at once. This energy is the Divine Power of Universal Mind, may you find this NOW!


As I become One with the Universe, and so I wish this for you, to feel the Oneness, to remove any thought of separation and loneliness from your mind, from your being, from your higher self.  Through meditation and alignment with this Great Power you will no longer feel separation, you must embrace this Gift from above.


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Why do we have such difficulty embracing and being in Oneness with Universal Mind?  I, for one, lived most of my life, maybe over 35 years, in SEPARATION (read on “SEPARATION” in our April 2, 2015 edition. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly to your inbox.), feeling alone, feeling vulnerable and different form others.  From my childhood being bullied because of my weight and inability to perform and engage in sports with other kids.  To becoming a gang member where I was taught it was correct to turn the tables and become the bully and the tough guy.  Through the bravery and renewed courage drugs and alcohol gave me I became a martial artist, was lifting more weight than anyone in my category, worked in the logging industry in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. At the end of 3 years as a “Chaser” in high-lead logging, I was able to physically tear a telephone book in half with my bare hands. An incredible feat of strength, especially for someone who refused to attend gym class in junior high school of fear of the bullies; because I was overweight. I lived a life of gang mentality, which everyone who entered my life was there to serve my purposes.  This being the first premise of abuse, I was a verbal and emotional abuser of everyone who entered my life.  I did not know, nor did I understand the damage I was inflicting on others.  I went from a childhood of neglect, abuse, bullying as victim and suffering: to a young adulthood of bullying others and being completely heartless and insensitive.  I stifled my feelings and hurt in drugs and alcohol and turned the tables on my abusive childhood to play the tough guy role, and I was tough, for a good portion of my life.  I ruled through a strong arm and was on the wrong side of the law.  I believed I was above the law, that we, gang members, made our own laws, our own “codes” which we lived and abided by.  Punishment for breaking these sacred laws was banishment and usually death, therefore they were the sacred unwritten laws by which we lived and we abided without question.  Up until the day the drugs and alcohol no longer worked.  Until the pain and suffering and fear became so great there was no quashing the little voice inside, the voice that, for so many years, was soft and gentle and quietly urging me to let go.  This little voice soon became a scream, a cry for release; I attempted the release through suicide, through separation, through isolation and solitude.  These solutions only made the feelings worse, the scream louder and louder until a spark deep inside brought me to the room of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Where I found what I was missing, through identifying the fact I was caught in separation and needed to return to Source, the Source of All there is, or Universal Mind.  This was the only solution for me: I had achieved separation from the One Source, I had worked my way to aloneness, to oblivion and isolation from the one Divine Source of ALL there is and I needed to reconcile. I needed to regain my roots and reconvene with the Universe, with the God of my understanding, an all Loving God who permeates through all there is.


This was separation for me and how I, through Alcoholics Anonymous, found myself and returned to sanity.  Not only did I find myself in Oneness, returning me to sanity and ability to live a productive life with passion and purpose, I am able to project Love in the world because I once again Love myself.  Somewhere in my addiction/alcoholism I had ceased to love, I was unable to love myself because of the things had been done to me, because of the beliefs had been instilled in me that I was lesser than. That I was a sinner! That I was no good! That I was a loser! That I was a fat little boy wouldn’t amount to anything. The bullying, both at the family home and in public schools systems and around and about devastated this little boy and on and on…  These harmful words and feelings pushed me to a life of alcohol and drug abuse to hide form my feelings, to hide from myself. 


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And then there was complete relief when I was whole again. And I became whole through Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Step Program of recovery. I regained my life and myself by becoming once again One with the Universe. The Oneness of Universal Mind, or the Source of ALL there is. It is in returning to ONENESS that I found my true being and myself. Returning to Source is the purpose of our life on this planet. I lived and I learned through pain and suffering.  The human is resilient and for some of us it is through pain and suffering that we best learn life’s lessons.  It doesn’t have to be this way for all of us. Some of you learn from others’ mistakes, and I wish for you to continue reading and maybe you can take home some great lessons form my writings. May you be Love and may you find Love now.



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