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This sensitivity you feel, as the consciousness rises to higher levels, is increased the more we release, the more we let go and slow our minds.  As we increase our Spiritual growth, our ability to slow the mind, our ability to look inside, this increases our sensitivity to all events surrounding us.  If we break Universal Laws which rule over all, the consequences are slightly more pronounced, we feel a discomfort, a pang in the gut. This is sometimes called intuition, as we increase our sensitivity to external, and internal, things around us.  We are all the more affected and susceptible.  This holds twofold consequences, as we are subject to the law of attraction, the things we feel, say, and do are amplified as our sensitivity grows.


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Sensitives and intuitives are a fairly rare occurrence, yet are among us.  Intuitives and highly sensitive beings are usually women (sorry guys) the species is created to have the female as the caregiver, birthers, the mother; as in Creation.  This reminds me of when my present wife (yes! There have been more than 1…), one day as I spoke of GOD in the masculine gender form as we usually do, as I was taught all my life,  Nicole (not here birth name as she id Asian) kindly pointed out to me the fact: “If GOD is Creator, If GOD has Borned(sic) (as in gave birth to:) Creation, or the Universe, then GOD must be Lady; only Lady can born something, someone!”  And how correct this statement is: in its broken English came out as a revelation. Only Lady can give birth therefore GOD must be a women (sorry guys! L and I’m a man too so take it as it is given: Truth!)




Accordingly, the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, and is as complex as the law of gravity, as definite, and mysterious, as electricity.  This Law is binding and is unmovable.  The Law of Attraction states plainly what the great teacher ‘Jesus’ (even those who do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah need to look at the teachings and assess for themselves what has been written and what scholars have said for millennia about the greatest Teaches ever lived) was teaching when he spoke of the parable of the seed: “Ye reap what ye sow” or something to this effect.  In other words this Law states plainly the things we say and do reflect what we get back.  Even in the things we feel; when you go to bed at night upset, the Universe sees what you are feeling and this is reflected in your attitude, in the things come to you the following day, days, months, years.  Yet when you are happy, when you go into this attitude of Gratitude I speak of in several other blogs , when you do the utmost to be pleasant, when you chose to be lively and not allow the negativity of others, the negativity of externals affect your composure and the ways you remain upbeat; this is reflected through you.  And, again, when you raise your level of consciousness, your level of sensitivity rises in consequence; this is the path to Enlightenment.  Cause and effect: Cause and manifest good, and good will be returned to you; cause pain and negativity, and anger, and fear, and these will be returned to you tenfold.  This is the Law!


So always remember to keep you spirits up; when you feel more and more the challenges, you are on the right path.  The Universe is translating your higher level of consciousness into higher sensitivity. Do not be discouraged and use this to heighten your level of consciousness even more.  Learn to journal, and especially write a gratitude list daily.  Read up on the best ways to journal: I found Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” very helpful and here is a link to her Morning Pages’” This may help you start journaling, or there are other authors you may find on the subject…




We spoke of meditation; this is the true way of releasing our difficulties.  Meditation, or true yoga, according to Patañjali: “Yogas citta vrtti nirodha” translated is “yoga is the cessation of the pulsations of the mind” or Yoga is the restriction of the fluctuations of mind-stuff,” (1914 translation of original Sanskrit: “YOGA-SYSTEM OF PATANJALI” or the ancient Hindu Doctrine of Concentration of Mind: by James Haughton Woods)


  Therefore if true yoga is created to divert our attention away from thinking, yoga sutras were created to slow down the brain; to slow down the ‘monkey mind’ referred to by Vedic masters as the process that meditation will slow down this incessant chattering; as I had read a translation directly referring to ‘monkey mind’ written thousands of years ago.  This is the process we need to get through to become a sensitive, to become more aware, more self-aware (click on the link to read last week’s blog on “Self-Awareness” and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our weekly newsletter to get these directly to your inbox).  The awareness and self-awareness leads to sensitivity and therefore as we ascend to higher levels of consciousness (and Neale Donald Walsh in April 10, 2015 daily message tells us:…  ....that thinking the highest thought is the safest mental exercise.







We spoke in the first paragraph of ‘Growth’ (Look for our blog on “GROWTH” in a June issue of our weekly newsletter, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to get it delivered directly to your inbox)

As we grow in Spirit, we attain higher levels of consciousness and move closer towards Enlightenment.  Everyone is searching for Enlightenment; and we wish you to achieve this through Spiritual Growth.  As we meditate, and slow down the thinking process, the process of compulsion, anxiety and inattention increase and we remain too deep in thought to actually pay attention: Too deep in our self-serving attitude; in our self-seeking, and selfishness to be able to connect with Universal Mind, with Creation.  This is the connection we need and our sobriety, for those of us with the dis-ease of addiction, depends on the “daily reprieve contingent on the connection to a Higher Power.


Therefore: Raise your consciousness today!  Find exercises such as Gratitude lists, daily journaling exercise, morning pages meditation… You will know when you have found the path best suits you as your Soul will adhere to this and a Peace will engulf you. You will become more self-aware and therefore be sensitized to the important things in life, you will be closer to the Angels surround us and the intuitive will be more pronounced: Listen to it!


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