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I will write today on ERROR.  I believe the Catholicism and Christian religions, and anyone else speaks of “sin” have gotten the translation of fact and word wrong.  I truly believe our present day interpretation of “sin” is faulty and there is, in Universal Mind’s view, or GOD (as what I understand this Divine Energy substance to be), does appreciate we can err, yet there is no such thing as “sin” as the writings tell us of.  The punishing God of religious belief where we will be punished for sin is fiction.  I do not believe I will “rot in hell damnation”, I do not believe this is true.  I believe there has been error. I truly believe this is an error of translation; that “sin” in itself is fiction and human can err: “To err is human, to forgive divine”.  


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So if we go on the premise there is no sin, only human error, and we can forgive others for the errors they make towards us, we forgive ourselves for error, whether real or perceived, they can cause and create the same damage, the same pain, until we realize there is nothing in the past which can affect us.  There is nothing but the Present.  We can forgive ourselves errors.  And more importantly we can forgive others for being human and harming us, for they may be acting under faulty learning’s, under faulty understandings of their interpretation or ‘right’.  What is ‘right’ for one may be harmful and/or incorrect for another?


So if we use the premise, the Truth, that we only have the Present moment, we need to let go of the attachment, and hurt, of the past.  “Yesterday’s gone, there’s nothing you can do about yesterday!” So we must live for today, we must live in the present moment and let got of the things we so desperately attach to.  I know; easier said than done!  We need to completely and totally forgive ourselves for our perceived hurt, because it holds no substance unless we allow it to!  The errors, the pain, the suffering, the resentments; all of these and whatever other baggage we are carrying must be let go of.  Release and let go.  “Let go and let GOD!”  This is one of the slogans of AA, we must embrace this and allow the divine Presence of the Universe, of Universal mind to flow through us.  We achieve this by releasing the pain body of past deeds; deeds and hurt done to us, done by us, done around us. These events of yesterday are but an illusion, they only hold substance for the thoughts held.  What great relief we feel when we understand thoughts and feelings are fleeting. 




I was in the Presence of a great Eastern Spiritual Leader one time in Vancouver, Canada a few years ago when I attended a day with Enlightened Master, H.H.Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The master was visiting our Western world and I recall clearly when there was talk of beginner meditation: How we must let thoughts, which appear, in our head evaporate; do not allow these to connect.  As a though enters the headspace, allow it to evaporate and dissipate in its time, hold it! Feel it! And allow it to dissipate and evaporate.  This is true as we tend to connect thoughts and create pain through the congestion of thoughts and feelings.  I soon fund I needed to identify my emotions and feel them. 


So as I learned to meditate and also as I learn top deal with emotions.  (There will be a whole blog on emotions in May 2015.  SUBSCRIBE today to receive all our weekly blogs directly to your inbox) As I learn to identify my emotions.  And let me explain here I found out I was underdeveloped as those of us who used alcohol and drugs on a daily basis, or anything else to numb ourselves.  I learned there are cognitive years during pre-teen and the teenage years where we learn to identify and deal with emotions.  I learned that I, as I started alcohol and drugs at an early age of 12, and consumed almost ion a daily basis for so many years, had never developed cognitive and emotional wellness.  When I sobered up at the age of 47 (and you don’t have to wait so long and be so old.  When you make up your mind, when you self-diagnose as an alcoholic and/or an addict and decide you have had enough, you will find help immediately.  This is how the Universe works, as and it shall be delivered unto you.  Seek and you shall find!) When I finally sobered up I found myself with inability to identify the emotion I felt.  I had never learned what they were because I was numbed top them for so long.  It was very difficult to stay sober when I was feeling things I didn’t know how to deal with.  I cried a lot, I went through the worst detox because things came up to the surface I didn’t know how to deal with.  I needed to learn how to live; sober!


 image by author   © Copyright 2015

image by author  © Copyright 2015



So I learned to live sober and when the Master P. Nithyananda spoke of allowing the thoughts to just flow through, the thoughts to be felt and evaporate.  This I was in my second or third year of sobriety and my Emotional Intelligence (EI), on a scale from 1 to 10 was, like, ZERO!  I listened intently and commenced to do this practice.  The practice of identifying my thoughts, associating them with a certain emotion, then allowing them to dissipate without affect me an longer: “Yesterday’s GONE: There’s nothing you can do about yesterday!”

Ands so healing began; the healing had begun with the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, for me, and the Spiritual Awakening promised in the 12th Step: And now this was the beginning of the Journey to Enlightenment for me.  This was the beginning of a new beginning of self-discovery; of discovery of the real world and of Spirit of the Universe.  And as I continue on this Journey of learning the master spoke these words it struck me I needn’t feel the pain body and I could move through every thought and emotion easily if I didn’t resist.  I needed to embrace the fact I couldn’t safely hold any of this, I needed to learn this: “Letting go, and letting GOD!” 


When I do not allow the thoughts to join in a series of vents which IO create, when I allow all thoughts to bubble to the surface, feel them, analyze them, then let them go.  This is true living free.  May you find this now.



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