OPEN-MINDEDNESS: The Key to Your Journey of Enlightenment

Edition 2 Issue #26


This week’s blog is a doozy!  To celebrate the 4th of July, and a few days ago the Canadian Birthday!  The World Cup Women’s on Sunday in Vancouver, CANADA… so many amazing things this week to rejoice about, and Celebrate, especially the fireworks.

We speak about celebrating being, and remaining, “OPEN-MINDED” in all things, and we suggest this as one of the most important aspects of your consciousness as you embark on your journey to Enlightenment.  Without this very important ingredient you will encounter blockages, which will exclude you from the “Sunlight of the Spirit”.   Remember the great words of HERBERT SPENCER:

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation."                                             

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As we remain open-minded, we allow the Universe, the Source of ALL there is, to enter our Soul Consciousness, Richard Maurice Bucke; the prominent Canadian psychiatrist,  called it “Cosmic Consciousness”, and wrote a book on the subject: A great read and should be in everyone’s library.  Also a great read on this subject is William James in his tome on “the Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature”.  Remembering that willingness, honesty and open-mindedness are the cornerstones of the road to Enlightenment.  Always remaining open to possibility is the doorway to allowing the Light to enter.  This Light; the subject of all Zen and Spiritual Masters worldwide, is available to everyone and anyone who chooses, with open-mindedness, to embark on the journey of discovery (read our future blog post on “JOURNEY” in the July 22, 2015 edition. SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive the blogs directly to your inbox), and Enlightenment.  Let this be your prime purpose in Life, or at least a primary goal.  Seeking Enlightenment while in human form is a great goal, yet the harder you try at Enlightenment, the more distant it may become. This because we should be working to be a better being in the experience, and only work to developing, and maintaining a connection with power greater than ourselves.



As we work on our being, our Soul Consciousness, feeling the Presence of God, where we are at is the ultimate goal.  When we are present, and feeling the Presence where we are, in the place we are at, at the moment we are there; this is the great achievement!  Just feeling the Presence of GOD, in the moment!  “Now is the acceptable time.  Now is the day of Salvation.” 2Corrinthians 6.2.  If this sound foreign, or impossible to achieve, or sounds like it doesn’t make sense to you; fear not as we advance at the rate we are meant to.  If it doesn’t make sense today, don’t dwell on it, you may very well come back to these words in a few weeks, months, or maybe years and go “Ah Hah! You know the ‘ah hah’ moment, when you have that moment of clarity where it all makes sense, where these words fall into place and this is when we are drawn to know the Truth!  Remember the greatest teacher ever lived told us clearly “The Truth will set you free!” and once we really understand this, we are compelled to share the Truth.  (read our future blog post on “TRUTH” in the August 5, 2015 edition. SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive it directly to your inbox).  And what is this Truth that’s so important? The Truth, which will set you free? What exactly do I need to study to get the Truth?  Just open your Heat to the possibility and the answer will come.  Sometimes quickly, sometimes more slowly: You must remain open to possibility. 


Working towards higher levels of consciousness on an ongoing basis is the true goal here.  You need not strive for perfection; we should be looking to get straight to Enlightenment for this is not how it happens.  Most experiences of a Spiritual nature are the result of slow movement towards higher consciousness as we reach our hearts to higher vibrations:  Have you ever been I a service where the Pastor, or Father, or Minister speaks the words “Lift up you Hearts to the Lord!” or something to that effect?  I have, I’m not a regular Churchgoer, but I do attend and have participated in several denominations to study, and see what is done in organized religion.  In these experiences and moments of study, I always try to observe and be aware looking for common threads.  What I have observed is many, if not all, say something to this effect in the sermons, or presentation: “Lift up you Hearst to the Lord!”  or “Lift up your Hearts to God!”   So from what I understand is the quest to raise our consciousness to a higher level is asked for in all these ceremonies, in all Zen teachings, in all yoga practice where we look to achieve stillness, for a fleeting moment, these are all exercises to bring us to a higher level of consciousness and Self-Awareness (see our blog post on “SELF-AWARENESS” in the April 2nd 2015 issue, subscribe today to have our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox.)

You’ll slowly feel your heart becoming calmer and at peace, others will notice the change in you before you will.  They will make remarks of how well you look.  How rested you seem.  You will be less prone to anger and reaction to situations and with this you will find:


Yes, you will find Contentment (read our future blog post on “CONTENTMENT” in the August 15, 2015 edition. SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive it directly to your inbox).  Slowly at first, but it will come to you.  And as the contentment and peace fills your consciousness you will understand how “Lifting you Heart to the Lord” is so bloody important in our Soul development.  This “CONTENTMENT” we speak of should be a primary goal of any conscious being.  Be Aware, open your Heart, be still and the awareness will be within your grasp.  Slowly and surely your being will be at peace and Contentment will flow from you.  People will wonder how you have changed, they will continuously ask you if you’ve been working out, if you’ve changed your diet, if you’ve just taken a vacation….

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