POSSIBILITY: Remaining open to possibility is freedom from suffering


Edition 2 Issue #25


Opening yourself up to possibility allows the Universe to beckon in all goodness and abundance, and allows it to stay.  Now how do I become open to possibility?  An attitude of Gratitude is required.  The opening of my heart, the opening of my soul, where the pain body is released lies within these words: Nothing can harm you of which you don’t allow to affect you.  YES! You understood correctly, only those things of which you allow to harm you can actually harm you.  Release and let go NOW!  Feel the discomfort, feel through the pain and allow it to dissipate.  The more I am able to feel the pain and suffering, the faster it will dissipate and release.  Alternately, when I stifle the pain and suffering, pushing it deep into the recesses of my heart to keep from feeling bad, from being in the pain body; the longer and more pronounced will my pain be.  Go figure!


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We had a Spiritual teacher from the East guide us in a meditation on ‘letting Go’ (see our writings on “LETTING GO” in January 7, 2015 edition of our newsletter, subscribe today to receive it directly to your email, you won’t miss a beat). He instructed us in this guided meditation, to feel all thoughts.  I must remind you here of the second sutra of Yoga by Patanjali: “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha”; the purpose of yoga is to quiet the mind and supress the thought waves. Or more directly translated: “Yoga is the suppression of the pulsation of the mental substance.”

Yet this Eastern Master reminded us this is all but impossible; that only the greatest of masters are able to achieve stillness of mind, and then only after many years of practice of deep yoga, as it was created, much more than just stretching exercises.  Originally Eastern yoga was a discipline not unlike martial arts where the disciple spent many long years of study to achieve balance and allow the light to enter.  So don’t expect Enlightenment overnight.  Actually don’t expect Enlightenment period.  You will achieve it if you just allow it to happen.  The transformation is subtle when the correct steps are taken.  Being, and remaining, open to possibility is a great key to this achievement.  Allow it to flow, let go and let the Universe, the Source of all there is, transform you in its time.



So Swami Nithyananda guided us through a process where we allow the thoughts to enter, without judgement, without allowing any thought to harm, without allowing the thoughts to string together and create a storyline.  As we sit in meditation we attempt to still the mind, we allow thoughts to enter, we feel the thoughts and then allow these same thoughts to exit and dissipate as a bubble over the head.  We don’t allow the thoughts to create a storyline and therefore they cannot harm us.  Practice this meditation daily, in a quiet place.  I like the early morning hours, Rumi tells us we must remain awake in the early hours, the doorway is open in the very early hours, remain awake and the gifts will be bestowed upon you.


 "HUMMINGBIRD" painting by brother of AUTHOR   ©Copyright 2015     www.beyondthe12th.com         All rights reserved  

"HUMMINGBIRD" painting by brother of AUTHOR  ©Copyright 2015  www.beyondthe12th.com      All rights reserved 


So when we allow the thoughts to just dissipate.  When we allow the things we used to perceive as harmful, to just flow through us, feel the discomfort, find the place in which it resides and feel it deeply; allowing this pain to be felt and released is the key to totally and completely remove the walls which block us from the ‘Sunlight of the Spirit’.   We must not allow thoughts, ideas, and especially prejudices to dwell inside; this is what creates the pain body, the place in the recesses of the heart where we store the unpleasantness, the distress and the suffering.  We so believe that when we just stuff it aside this will be the best.   Well it has been proven that this is what the ego, or pain body wants us to believe, this is how it remains powerful over us, by holding things inside.  The longer we hold a pin, or a discomfort, the harder it is to release, because we now own it.  No matter how bad it is for us, it’s our ‘comfort zone’ and no one, no way will take away my comfort zone! No WAY!  This is how the pain rules us, by allowing us to believe it is good, it is ok to hold onto.  This is false!  Let it go.  Do a thorough moral and intellectual inventory. Do it now and begin the release.


Now how can I possibly have an attitude of gratitude when there are always problems in my life, always things going wrong?  Whoever coined the phrase about the Murphy guy, must be Irish or something, that anything can go wrong, will go wrong, or something to this effect.  Everything goes wrong in my life, always someone or something, which pisses me off, which is intentionally harmful to me.  Like the guy who just cut me off in traffic, I’m so mad I want to take a baseball bat to him, and/or his car…  The older man looked at my daughter – doesn’t he know how old she is, she’s just a child, how could he look at her like that, what a pervert, he should be shot, or castrated, or locked up for the rest of his life… All these hateful and resentful thoughts come to us constantly; infringes on the thought patterns ingrained in us as “good and bad”, and the good and bad of it happens to be different for all, anyone or anything which is hurtful to my belief system, to my ‘family of origin’ concepts of good and bad.  We must understand that everyone’s perception may be different; everyone’s learning’s are somewhat different.  What if the guy looking at your daughter closely is a fashion designer, or a modeling scout?  Maybe he’s gay and is looking for his next modeling protégé?  What if the guy who just cut you off is a surgeon who just got an emergency call to the hospital and needs to get there in a great hurry, as this is a life or death situations.  Maybe unlikely scenarios? 

Maybe we perceive things differently and are always on the defensive?  And then this is the problem, when we remain in a defensive and critical thinking pattern, our defenses are up and we allow the little things in life to affect us.  Then we hold them in a sacred place in our heart, and these are our walls, these are the blockages keeping us from the ‘Sunlight of the Spirit’.   So we need to let these dissipate.  We need to adopt an attitude of gratitude for everything.  Looking at things for a different perspective, allowing the benefit of the doubt to everyone and everything that happens in the day.  This is very hard to do at first, but when we practice this, when we meditate on allowing everything to flow as it should, we free ourselves from our self-harm.  The pain we hold will be released through an attitude of Gratitude for all things.

I AM: Therefore I AM able to let go, and let GOD!  

- Paul E.

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