Edition 2 Issue #8

 On this subject of Atonement; what does Atonement mean? What do I get from Atonement? This sounds so Catholic, so religious I won’t have any of it.  Really good questions when this is a word I feared because it feels like a religious statement, like something out of the bible or something.  But it is not out of the Bible, not the Old Testament, nor the New Testament, it wasn’t coined until 1526 (by William Tyndale), so well into the Christian era.  Even though adopted as a Christian Doctrine, we have much to gain by looking closely at Atonement:



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Well let’s start with an explanation of Atonement: Since Atonement is not a biblical term, has nothing to do with the Bible or religion even though its usage is often by religious writers. Let us look more closely at At-Onement, or Oneness, yes, and the words “at” combined with “Oneness”. (When saying the origins of the word has nothing to do with organized religion I do have to specify the word, and meaning, has been adopted as a Christian Doctrine.  Which, rather than turn us away from it in fear of being indoctrinated into something we do not want, should otherwise lead us to ask: “Why is it so defining and powerful a word the Christians adopted it as a Doctrine? What is so powerful about this word and its full meaning? We will attempt to answer these questions and more for you here and in coming blogs.).  In my Spiritual practice this is one of the things I have work very diligently towards; and these writings, and all our offerings, will direct you towards Oneness with the Source of ALL there is. This ‘at-Oneness’ can, and will be achieved through a 2 phase process of “FORGIVENESS” (See my blog on “FORGIVENESS” in the October 29, 2014 issue.) and “RECONCILIATION”  (look for our future writings on “RECONCILIATION” in 13 May, 2015 edition of our newsletter, subscribe today to receive it directly to your email, you won’t miss a beat!) 


Yes forgiveness and reconciliation are the two components of this wonderful outcome which is ATONEMENT. This is the purpose of Step 9, if you are in, or familiar with the 12 Step Program of recovery, whether through Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Co-Dependence Anonymous, Over-Eaters Anonymous or any number of other affiliated, or derided from, AA 12 Step programs.  Or you are here looking for Enlightenment, whichever the case may be, we have the Spiritual Path to assist you, and part of it lies in the At-Oneness of At-Onement.







Now we have looked at “Forgiveness (See my blog on “FORGIVENESS” in the October 29, 2014 issue) more closely and see where it fits in to ‘at-Oneness’ and feel comfortable with the process of releasing the blockages which are standing in the way of my being of Service to the Universe, blockages which are holding me back from the “Sunlight of the Spirit”.  Now I have understood the importance of Forgiveness, I must combine it with “RECONCILLIATION” and reconcile or re-connect with those whose lives I have interrupted, those whose lives I have damaged, those whose lives I have affected by pushing them away. Most unwittingly I am sure, but nevertheless I have caused separation.



Having been estranged, and pushed away the people who had my best interests at heart, those who Loved me unconditionally.  I have to go through the process of reconnecting and this starts with identifying my part in all the hurt cause, ending the need to blame everyone and everything for the things happen to me, the bad things happen in my life. As you well know; at one time it was all someone else’s fault, I was either at the mercy of others, or the victim of circumstance.  This all end with a proper moral inventory of our past, and we well know the importance of this. Our lives, as any institution for business has to take regular inventory to identify the deficiencies in the system. Why would our lives be any different?


So having understood the need for a complete and in-depth inventory to seek out the shortcomings, I myself, have identified the necessity to stop blaming others and circumstances for the things happening in my life and look at my part. When I am wrong, as in all the past wrongs I have committed the right thing to do is amends, by forgiving and meeting the persons and institutions which have harmed me, and which I have harmed in their place and forgive. Make proper amends and restitution and this leads to reconcile.  So this amendment process in our Step 9 workings actually leads us to At-Oneness with All there is, At-One with the Source of ALL there Is. The Divine Creator of the Universe, Universal Mind… call it what you will, there is undisputable proof the Energy permeates throughout all there is, the Substance which is omnipresent and omnipotent is comprised of pure energy and has substance and intelligence.





This separation I have created whether willfully (when we push away our loved ones during our addiction, we do it most often out of care and consideration. Not wishing to draw others into our misery. We believe, although falsely, if we just stay away, keep the family, friends, colleagues and such at the furthest distance form us they will be safe).  And especially we create this separation to make sure our loved ones do not interfere with our using, (drinking, binging…) and other addictive habits. Surely convinced it is for their own good.  In the grips of this ‘separation’ we distance ourselves from others, from the world and never consider the fact it causes so much pain.  Only when we commence the process of putting our lives back together do we identify the hurt we have caused and this is when we need to put these deep practices of forgiveness, reconciliation together: Leading us to release in AT-ONEMENT.  This, when you have gotten this


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