Edition 2 Issue #9


WOW! What an exciting year 2015 is getting to be.  The Enlightenment and Awakening of the planet is proceeding, and we would like you all to be an integral part of growing Awareness in One-ness. We are ONE, let’s share the message of LOVE!


With this in mind, we bring you this week’s offering on “GRATITUDE” and the metaphysical power in this word, and especially when it is used with heartfelt passion, the power is incredible.


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I’ve learned to be Grateful for all things in life, the little things like a hot coffee in the morning, and a chat with friends, a roof over my head, clean sheets and the ability to have a shower in the morning, or whenever and however long I want to shower! 

I have had ups and downs in my life, and as a person in recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of mind, and body (read ‘seemingly’ very closely, as a person in this state of mind believes in the hopelessness of the situation and some of us contemplate suicide, attempt suicide or just plain don’t want to live).  Today I have a lot to be Grateful for, so much so that I write Grateful with a capital ‘G’, not only because of it’s metaphysical and Spiritual power, but to emphasize, at least to me, the importance of remaining in an attitude of Gratitude.


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The power of having Gratitude, and adopting an attitude of Gratitude for all happenings in life is sometimes difficult.  Can you recall a very difficult or stressful time in your life when you wanted to give up? Do you have a period, or maybe it’s right now, when you are so depressed and at whit’s end? Are there challenges and difficulties you believe cannot be overcome?  Has the bottom seemed to have fallen out of your life, out of your ability to cope with life?


I think we have all been in a place where we thought the end was here! Where we couldn’t face life anymore, when it was game over! I just don’t want to live anymore, and this is the time even atheists pray and say “God take me away form this world”, I just don’t want to live like this!  Have you ever felt this? Is it only me? Maybe not you, but you know someone who is going through, or has gone through, a terrible tough time, or times.  Can you relate here? 


If you have never experienced the depression and seeming finality of a really difficult situation, I hope and Pray you never do.  But for those of us who have, or are going through rough times, this is the most effective way to feel the Presence of a Power greater than you, which permeates through everything. Even if you don’t believe in God, you must feel this Power, which is energy, energy that permeates through everything, and omnipresent and omnipotent (meaning is everywhere and throughout everything and has at the same time all power over and throughout everything). This power, this I call GOD, or the Source for all there is. This is not religion, this is a community belief, and a mutual understanding of Spirit having dominion over all there is.  And to tap into this life saving, and life changing Power, one of the most powerful of all tools is an attitude of Gratitude.  Happy, joyful, Grateful people do not contemplate, let alone attempt, suicide. 


People who live in an attitude of Gratitude do not live with depression day in and day out.  People who live in an attitude of Gratitude get results from actions because they do not fear going out in the world and facing the day.  People with an attitude of Gratitude are always ready to provide a word of encouragement.  People with and attitude of Gratitude are always ready to lend an ear to your thoughts, to your ideas, to your pains and problems and do not judge you.


So this is why the importance of having, and maintaining, an attitude of Gratitude, no matter how bad this get.  I can hear you now telling me to go jump off the deep edge, that when times are tough no one want to think of the tough times and be Grateful for them.  But I tell you I have seen some really bad times, (look for the book later this year, you will be driven though turbulent emotions and life changing stories) and no matter how bad and hopeless a situation seems to be, I have learned to take a step back, assess the challenge of the day, of the hour, of the moment and tell myself to be grateful for the lesson of these challenge.  Through this practice, of remaining in Gratitude, I have learned to call even the most difficult of circumstances “challenges”, and I face every challenge in it’s own place, in it’s own time and flow through it and look at the lesson I need to learn.


Some of us are stubborn, some of us learn from the mistakes of others.  If you are in the latter group, good on you, please read my book when released, later this year, and you may, you just might, find many, many lessons of life you can take home with you and not have to live though such darkness.  The ones of you who are reading this who learn from other’s mistakes; good on you, I hope today I too can be like you.


So remember, have an attitude of Gratitude; remain in a place of Great Gratitude.  Be happy and understanding.  Look at others in a new light, from their perspective; and believe in your heart of hearts every sentient human being is fundamentally good, and we are all somewhat victim of circumstances.  Change the circumstances and you change the life!


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