Edition 2 Issue #10


REGENERATION: What is this talk of REGENERATION?  Let us start by breaking the word down and looking at re-Generate. If we can re-Energize, or re-Generate our Soul, our ‘raison d’être’ if you will, re-build the power energies the Creator of the Universe allowed us access to when we arrived on the planet through the miracle of birth. At birth we were not only created as a mammal, a human animal, we were also given the Divine Spark of which the Infinite Creator of the Universe has endowed all of us with. 


Somewhere in our journey we find separation, which leads us into differing levels of shame and guilt, and loneliness. (There will be more on “SEPARATION” in our April 2, 2015 edition. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive it directly to your inbox.)


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Right now I want to talk of the Divine Spark: This Divine Spark, which we are endowed with, which allows children to look at everything with a kind of wonderment and curiosity, with love and sharing.  Until we condition them with the same conditioning our parents, or caregivers, learned from their caregivers, their forefathers, and their conditioned belief.  This is where we err; the bibles call it original sin, where we chose to do against the Divine Laws which rule the Universe.  The Divine Laws; which are as constant as gravity is a physical law.  We are not properly instructed in these laws that define the Universe and therefore we err, we are given the power of choice without proper instruction on the Spiritual Laws rule the Universe. Therefore how can we properly conduct our business in the world?  Well we must re-learn, or as southern Baptists would call: be Re-Born.  When we are Re-Born, or through Re-generation, in the power of Divine Laws rule the Universe, we become free, free from separation, thus we cannot be lonely, we become free from hate, and therefore we can disagree with someone yet understand this is their way of looking at the situation.  We lose the malice in our hearts and replace these same with an understanding and a softness where we respond differently than previously when we see colour, when we look at the beauty of nature, the trees, the flowers, the flora and fauna are all more real and of a different texture and composition all of a sudden.  We feel things more than we ever had before. We are struck by beauty we never though possible.  We understand the constant chatter in our heads can be slowed down through meditation, and we work on this: We embrace the possibility of something Greater than ourselves and we gravitate towards meditation practices, or yoga.  We grasp the meaning of Ancient traditions, which assist the Enlightenment process.  This is the first step towards Enlightenment.


The Divine Spark of which I speak of is spoken of in Christian Bibles as in Luke 18:

 “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.”


So what exactly does this mean?  Let us look at it as the parable it is: the writing are ancient, they have been translated so many times and there are errors.  So let us look at the modern, or today’s interpretation of the greatest teacher, Jesus: HE is telling us we must return our hearts as children:  simple, pure, curious and without fear.  As we achieve different levels of Enlightenment we begin to see things differently.  Ask anyone you know who has recovered, who has worked the steps to the best of their ability, or a friend or acquaintance you know who seems more peaceful than most: Ask them to describe how they look at the colors, how they look at the flowers, how they look at the things around them.  Ask them how they interpret their surroundings when they remain calm. You will find a common denominator here, people who are Awakening return to this curiosity, to this level of fearlessness of childlike understanding. Everything is exciting, everyone is beautiful, and sharing becomes a thing we want to do rather than an obligation.


Bill Wilson, the founding partner of Alcoholics Anonymous over 75 years ago, informed us the road to Regeneration is easily attained by those of us who suffered immensely:


"Years ago I used to commiserate with all people who suffered.

Now I commiserate only with those who suffer in ignorance, who do not understand the purpose and ultimate utility of pain."      ~Bill W., Letter, 1950


So Bill is telling us those who suffer more pain are closer to the truth, closer to the “power greater than ourselves” of which he professes we MUST find.  Yes we MUST find a “Power greater than ourselves” to relieve us of our insanity of thinking, of ‘monkey mind’ as the old Vedict text tells us the monks understood this millennia ago.  Beings on earth have been dealing with this forever.  Those of us who have suffered great pain may find it sooner and it is our duty to guide others.  We are not so different form anyone else.  For thousands of years humans have had this ‘chattering of the mind’, the incessant chatting and chattering also described as the hamster on a treadmill….  Over and over our head tells us so many erroneous things. Filled with lies! Lies! Lies! We go out in the world and must sift through this thinking it’s only me, yet you are not alone.



When we re-Generate, when we begin the Enlightenment and refreshing of our Soul, we want to share what we have, we want to share the beauty and Oneness of all there is.  We want to bring everyone forth to feel this and we begin to understand the second of the Yoga Sutra of Pantajali:  "yoga chitta vritti nirodha." Or as popularly translated “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind.”  Therefore it is through meditation and stopping of the constant chatter in our minds we can achieve Enlightenment, may you find this now.


As we grow in the learning of meditation and slowing of the mind.  And it is not a simple task; beings have been practicing stilling of the mind for many centuries, millennia, and very few are totally successful… Do not be discouraged by these words.  We don’t need to become the great GURU of the East, we need only have to accept who we are in the greater purpose, slow down the constant chatter to a low buzz, and the answers come to us from Infinite Mind, from Universal Mind, form the Creator, or Source of ALL there is!  Call this what you will, I will use the word GOD.


May you find GOD NOW!


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