Edition 2 Issue #16 

This is a big one; many of us feel SEPARATION and therefore loneliness.  Identifying is the first step to moving beyond this feeling of separation and loneliness; to a place of Oneness and freedom from the fear we feel in the thoughts of loneliness.  The idea is clear: it is separation from the ‘Source’, period.  Any and all thoughts and feelings of loneliness and separation are as direct result of false thoughts of being separate from Source (or F.E.A.R: False Experience Appearing Real!)  So what is this great ‘Source’?  This great power has dominion over all.  Some call this GOD! Or the Great Energy, Universal Mind… 

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The “SOURCE of ALL THERE IS” is the divine substance from where all comes from, and to where all returns.  The divine energy of substance which can be interpreted as the Oneness we feel when we embrace this sentiment.  We hear people say “God has forsaken me!” and this is one way of expressing separation.  The sorrow, loneliness guilt, shame, pitiful incomprehensible demoralization felt through ‘separation’ is not real. Then we hear of being twice born, or Reborn, of salvation and atonement; so many other terms and explanation for the re-Union with the Oneness, or re-Union with the Source.  Come closer to God.  Do not allow your, or a religion some of us became alienated to, misinterpretation of God distance you from the real thing. Create your own perception of this Higher Power has dominion over all.  This is divine energy of Love (read our blog on LOVE in the February 11, 2015 edition. SUBSCRIBE today to get it delivered weekly directly to your inbox.)


Rejoice and be grateful for the joy in knowing your conception of God.  Feel Oneness with the Universe and things will become more and more clear as to the meaning of life.  Clarity comes with stilling the mind in meditation.  In union with this God of your understanding and know God is Love.  Whatever conception of God you have, understand it as all loving and all knowing.  God is LOVE!  Let us recall the Beatles great “All you need is LOVE!” They had a point there.  The Beatles, and John Lennon understood the need for close connection to Source.  John Lennon was know to meditate frequently as are innumerable business leaders, past and present; including but not limited to: Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Nancy Slomowitz, Russell Simmons, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Ray Dalio, Robert Stiller, Bill Ford, Marnie Abramson, Tony Schwartz… Need I go on?  Very successful people connect to Source through meditation.  So the question is: Why are you not doing it NOW?  Let’s all get on the bandwagon and accept connection to Source as one of, if not the, most important thing for us to do in this world to connect with Source.  To embrace Oneness, to be free from fear and loneliness, we must all embrace Source and become One with the Universal Mind has dominion over all.  Our collective is, and will always be, stronger than the single, lonesome stranger.

Come join us in this journey.  It’s, like, AMAZING!

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