HUMILITY: The ability to better interact with others.

Edition 2 Issue #22


What is HUMILITY? And why do I need to embrace this like my life depends on it?

Well clearly if you’re reading this blog, there is a 90% chance you feel a need to embrace a more humble life, or you have commenced already to do the work on character defects, and are continuing on a journey to Enlightenment.  Either way, you are at the right place, and if you happen to be in the 10% who may come across this blog, who has a good grasp on humility, please read on and provide your commentary and critique to us at the bottom comment section.


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When I first embraced the idea I needed to change, and do the 12 Step Program, I heard the word humility and didn’t know what it was.  My thoughts would revert to humiliation and how I felt this emotion on so many occasions as an alcoholic and drug addict.  As a person who had fallen by the wayside, and was unable to properly function in society, a person who had failed at the game of life!  I recalled lowering my standards to accommodate my habits of addiction: the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous refers to the difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic as the non-alcoholic with change his habits and behaviors to fit his goals, whereas an alcoholic will change his goals to fit the drinking and using or otherwise ‘addictive’ behavior, having no care or compulsion for others.  I was driven by the need to fulfil the malady of want; with whatever substance, at whatever cost, no matter the consequence of my actions in the grips of this horrible dis-ease.  I had lowered the bar on so many occasions, changing my circumstances to be able to consume more.  The all-important “more”, I needed more, it was beyond human capabilities to stop me from having more, at the cost of spouse, relationships with family and friends, God forbid you should suggest I had a problem, I would lower my standards and drink, and/or use drugs with a crowd who had a lower class, a lower standard, and of course jobs would be lost.  In every occasion, in every instance of loss, I would brush it off as circumstance, regroup and start all over again. New jobs, new city, new girl, new circle of friends…   Off to the races and I could ‘fit in’, so to speak.



I have learned being humble means to remain teachable. Being humble is a manifestation of the highest energy form; and the Universe, the Source, understands this energy form and rewards it.  In keeping with our previous teachings on EMPATHY (read up on EMPATHY in the MAY 6, 2015 blog post.  SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive the blogs directly to your inbox).  From the Latin humilitās: humble., humus, from the earth, or grounded would be the preferred definition, a well grounded being is one who manifest true humility, not one who is necessarily subservient and lowly as our modern day understanding of this dictionary descriptives….

·         The dictionary describes humility as:  Marked by meekness or modesty in behavior, attitude, or spirit; not arrogant or prideful…..

And further goes on to describe as a state where we are submissive, I beg to differ with this descriptive as humility does not mean to kowtow, or stoop to a lower level, it is actually the raising of consciousness to a level where we can remain equal to, and on the same level as anyone who we interact with, who we exchange with, and embrace Oneness with others. 

 Photo by author taken in Conacry, Guinea   ©Copyright 2015   All rights reserved

Photo by author taken in Conacry, Guinea  ©Copyright 2015 All rights reserved

If “HUMILITY” is the quality and state of being humble, what is humble?  Where do I learn it?  Right here, right now!  “…Now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of Salvation.”  2 Corinthians 6:2

A dear friend who passed a few years ago, who I considered to be a humble man, filled with Spiritual Humility, Malcolm S., was continually repeating “I would rather be happy than be right!” and by being agreeable and compromising in his principles, by carefully listening to others, no matter whether his opinions may have differed, he always listened intently and gave of his time in a loving, open, and respectful manner. At a glance, some could say this was being meek, or even condescending and arrogant, but on the contrary it is manifestation of compassion and empathy in its highest form.  It is manifestation of Highly Evolved Beings (HEB’s)

It is what Jesus would have done. It is what God wants. One of our modern Spiritual leaders Neale Donald Walsch speaks to us on “What GOD wants” in the book “GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve got me all wrong” and in the trilogy “Conversation with GOD”

As our Spiritual Leaders, past and present, have been telling us for so long: embrace a Christ Consciousness, or otherwise the teachings of Buddha, or the Tao, and so many more teach of the need for a more humble life, a life based in compassion and understanding, without judgement.  Could they all be wrong?  I think not!  They all have the same message in different form, we are troubled by Separation form Source, from the mistaken belief that we are not ‘a part of’ the great Universal Mind.  Yet this is a false belief as we are part and parcel, we have the GOD Spark and are an image of God in it’s highest form: join us in the Sunlight of the Spirit where we are rocketed into the fourth dimension of being, Oneness with Source.


Great gifts are available to those who are open to possibility and aware.  Wake up, lift up you hearts, learn, and live by, the principle of Universal Law.

Being humble for me means; to remain teachable and open to possibility.  The Universe understands this and will reward efforts by opening doors to inconceivable riches.


Embrace humility, learn to be more humble and use the tools we provide.  Do a “Twelve Step Program” in a community near you.  Walk with others who are like minded and walk the path of a life based on Spiritual Principle of the Universe and have released the idea of separation (read up on SEPARATION in the April 25, 2015 blog post.  SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive the blogs directly to your inbox). 

The rewards are innumerable, and immeasurable. May you find IT The Source, or He, or She, of as in “The Shack” by William P. Young who calls GOD: “Papa”) Now!

-          “…Now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of Salvation.”  2 Corinthians 6:2

Humility - Embrace it NOW! You live may very well depend on it. Surely others depend on you being therefor them.

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