SELF-ACCEPTANCE: Beginning to Identify, and Remove, Character Defects


Edition 2 Issue #20


Last week we spoke of reconciliation and removing the shadows of the past.  When we remove the obstruction blocking us from the ‘Sunshine of the Spirit’ or Universal Mind, I refer to this beautiful energy, which permeates throughout everything as: the “SOURCE”.  Yes the Source of ALL there is, sometimes referred to as GOD or Great Creator for North American First nations Peoples. We can now more easily move into self-acceptance, and the freedom this brings us in our life as manifested here on the earth.



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 To remove the blockages of the past damages, we need to properly understand the fact: Yesterday’s gone; there is nothing you can do about yesterday.  What this means is the bed you made is not necessarily the bed you need to sleep in.  Move on, release and let go of the past (read up on Letting Go” in the January 7, 2015 blog post.  SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive the blogs directly to your inbox) then you can move on with your life.  Working in the Present moment to create a life as you would have it, not a life based on what your past situation dictates.  The freedom to be accepting of all that was, all that is and all that will ever be; as creation meant it to be, not living in the pain of the past, and/or the dream of a different future.  But in the NOW, the moment is now, relish this moment, create your future by doing everything in the moment to be the person you really, truly are.  This is what the Universe wishes for you, this is your destiny, to enable to Universe to manifest itself through you!  This is the new freedom. Living for the moment, some call this living in the Present. Some say living in the NOW, whichever way you want to call it it’s all the same.  We need to release, let go, and be all-accepting of the things we did, the things (wrongs) which were done to us.  This is done through forgiveness (read up on FORGIVENESS in the October 29, 2014 blog post.  SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive the blogs directly to your inbox)  Once we, through forgiveness and acceptance, are able to see the past as what it is, just life experience, and no way should any or all of it be taken personally. Then we are able to move forward in a free and serene life, as acceptance is the answer to all of my problems today.



 Why do I feel the need to be right all the time, if I am right it means someone else is wrong, and they are willfully or purposefully doing something to me to hurt me?  This is false. What we perceive in not necessarily the same perception of the other, and we need to learn to listen rather than fill in the blanks.  Have you, I know I do it all the time, ever interrupted someone to finish their sentence?  I get all excited when someone is telling me a good story, and I think I see where it’s going, I finish sentences, in my head I’m jumping to conclusions and sometimes I’m right.  But what about when I’m wrong?  What happens then?  I feel stupid, I feel like I should listen, but I can’t, I get wrapped up in my assumptions and prejudices.  This is situation where the prejudices (read pre-judging), causes maybe less damage than in other times when I’m in my head, in my assumptions and judgmental mind and do not speak out.  This causes problems for both parties as it breeds resentment and fear.

 Picture by athor     ©Copyright 2015         All rights reserved.  

Picture by athor    ©Copyright 2015   All rights reserved.  



 Resentment (read up on RESENTMENT in the February 4, 2015 blog post.  SUBSCRIBE today to be sure to receive the blogs directly to your inbox) and fear are total and complete limitation.  They are barriers to self-acceptance and thus barriers to freedom we seek on the path to Enlightenment.  We need to remove these limitations by becoming self-accepting of our limitations.  When we achieve self-acceptance, we then move to being able to work on them.  The more I identify my shortcomings and limitations, my character defects if you will, the closer I will be to self-acceptance and then self-awareness. These are key elements in our journey.

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