Edition 2 Issue #29

We’re on a JOURNEY, come along for the ride as we guide you BEYOND your current state, Beyond recovery, Beyond ego-mind towards Enlightenment.  Hang on tight because the ride will be wild and sometimes painful, but the alternative is completely insane!  Your Journey is your own, so own it, cherish it and be grateful (see our blog post on “GRATITUDE” in the March 4th, 2015 issue; subscribe today to have our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox.) in every moment.  The Moment is NOW! This Journey will show you how to be more present in the Moment

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Embrace your Journey; it’s yours alone, no one else can follow your exact path.  Whenever you doubt yourself we want you to reach out to us for guidance, read a past blog, follow twitter feeds, and join the conversation on Facebook.  We want you to feel ‘part of’ the Universal Energy of Creation, the Source of all there is permeates throughout everything and you will never be alone, so you should never feel lonely.


Loneliness is a manifestation of the false sense of separation (we wrote on “SEPARATION” April 22, 2015 and we will write on “LONELINESS” in our August 12th, 2015issue; subscribe today to have our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox.)

Loneliness is an illusion created out of the fear the ego-mind manipulates us with.  The longer the control of ego-mind holds you in fear the further we are to achieving Enlightenment.  You never, ever have to feel lonely again! Until you have complete Faith in a Spiritual Energy, Universal mind or Source of all there is, find a support group which can take you from fear to Faith.  I used, and still am a member who attends meetings weekly, sometimes several meetings weekly.  The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous is a powerful, worldwide group of people who gather to share their experience strength and hope with each other in the common goal of solving the problems which lead to alcoholism and have accepted the life purpose of remaining sober and helping others achieve sobriety.  You ask: how can this help me if I don’t have a problem with alcohol? 

 "Top o the World" PHOTO by AUTHOR  ©Copyright 2015  All rights reserved

"Top o the World" PHOTO by AUTHOR ©Copyright 2015 All rights reserved

And I tell you there are hundreds of groups branched off from this original and we, of Alcoholics Anonymous®,  have achieved sobriety by doing the work of the “program” and this work had uncovered root causes of alcoholism (read addictions of all sorts) which solved our common problem when we were “painstaking” about this process.


We discovered we had a fourfold illness which left untreated was eating up our insides.  We had a Spiritual malady, (also mind, body and emotional) described in the text Alcoholics Anonymous®, referred to as the “Big Book” in the doctor’s opinion.  If you don’t want to read the book, don’t think you’re an alcoholic or addict, at least go on line or to a library and read the doctor’s opinion in the forward.  Although dated, like 80 years ago, it has a valuable explanation, in in today’s world, about the root causes and how the progression is fatal if a complete personal inventory is not undertaken.


Anyone who has any experience with business on any level knows a business must take regular inventory and audit its systems to remain successful and have complete knowledge of where the business stands vis-à-vis its competitors, its lenders, its market share, etc.…  Well if the person doesn’t do this we are at a loss to understand what our shortcomings are.  The business with identify weaknesses and adjust for them, the person must, by all means and purposes, do the same or the gig’s up.

In 12 Step Recovery, whether you chose AA, NA, SA, GA, DA, or any other of the multitude of programme’s which are derived from Alcoholics Anonymous®, you have a new design for living which we, the recovered members, embrace with wholeheartedness because it works.  There is a saying within the rooms of recovery used by those who are winning at the game of recovery “It works if you work it!”  And this holds true for me and countless others who were desperate enough to try this thing.

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